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January 11, 2012

Have your GO number and don’t know who to contact?  Click here!

Project Coordinnator – Price and availability, expedite, tracking, post-order issues (shortag/ damage/ returns)
Project Engineer – Technical assistance, changes to project orders, submittals, O&M’s, CQM warranty resolution.

Projects < $100K (“S” or Small)

Commercial (PC All Areas
Kimberly Congdon (828) 651-0856

Technical (PE: All Areas)
Kenan Fox  (828) 651-0874

Projects > $100K (“L” & “M” or Large & Major)

Commercial (All Areas)
Jessica Turner (828) 651-0801

Technical (All Areas)
Zach Anderson (828) 651-0869

Commercial Support: Order Management, Expediting, Logistics,
Non-technical changes, Financial Management

Technical Support: Price & Availability, Warranty, Project Packaging & Pricing, Technical Proposals & Changes, Drawings, Submittals, O&M, Expediting of drawings with plant COE


Component Support: 877-ETN-CARE  (877-386-2273)  Option 1, Option 3


For Returns: Call our Center of Returns Excellence (CORE) at 800-410-2910

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